Investor Relations :- 

Disclosure under regulation 46 of the sebi(lodr), 2015 and other regulation :-

Disclosure and intimation to stock exchange to be categorised into :- 

S.NO. Name Download
1. Closure of Trading Window Click Here
2. Reconciliation of Share Capital Audit Click Here
3. Reg 74(5)_Certificate from RTA Click Here
4. Annual Compliances -Reg 7(3), Reg 40(9)(10) & Others Click Here
5. Related Party Transactions Click Here
6. Outcome of Board Meeting Click Here
7. Newspaper Publications- Regulation 47(1)
A. Newspaper Publication_Financial Result Click Here
B. Newspaper Publication relating to AGM Click Here
8. Book Closure and Record Date Click Here
9. Disclosure under Reg 30 of LODR Click Here
10. Outcome & Summary Proceedings of AGM Click Here
11. Other Shareholder Information
A. Non –applicability Of Corporate Governance Click Here
B. Non-applicability of regulation 24 A Click Here

Annual returns mgt-7 :- 

S.NO. Name Download
1. Annual Returns Click Here

Guidance on transfer of shares only in demat form :- 

S.NO. Name Download
1. Guidance on transfer of shares only in demat form Click Here

Others :- 

S.NO. Name Download
1. Annual Report Click Here
2. Notice of AGM Click Here
3. Board Meeting Notice Click Here
4. Financial Result Click Here
5. E-voting and Poll Results Click Here
6. Investor Corner Click Here
A. Download Investor Service Request Forms Click Here
7. Code of Conduct Click Here
8. Disclosure and Intimation to the Stock Exchange Click Here
9. Shareholding Pattern at PCSl Click Here
10. Terms and Conditions of Appointment of Independent Director Click Here
11. Policies Click Here
12. Code of Practices and Procedures Click Here
13. Code of Conduct for Prevention of Insider Trading Click Here